About Me


Welcome to my web space.

I am a whole Bible believing, Torah-keeping, Abba (YHWH) loving, follower of Yeshua (Jesus).  I have no denominational affiliation. However, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach freed me in January 2000!  Since then, its been a wish of mine to tell others about Yeshua and help all get out of such a cult.

Bill-GuitarsI am married to a wonderful, musically talented man.  Mommy to one incredible young lady.  She drew the picture above a couple of years ago of me.  She is so gifted and knows how to flatter her mama.  Yah has blessed me richly!  I live in East Tennessee.

Some of my hobbies and interests are reading a good book, creative writing, web design.  I’m a novice photographer.  My husband bought me a Nikon D90 and I’m having a blast taking photos of everything that moves and everything that doesn’t.  🙂  I’m an experienced novice (and yes… I know that’s an oxymoron) in crochet.  I can do a few basic stitches and make scarves and blankets. 

As a child, I loved hiking and horseback riding and for some reason, I’ve let those thiSweetnessngs move away from me, but its my plan to get “back on the horse” so to speak.  Get out there and do the things I love that will make my body love me, probably later rather than sooner, as I’ve not taken great care to keep fit.  :/

I hope you’ll stay and visit with me and find some of my quirkiness is akin to your own.

If you’re wondering, my name is pronounced, ‘dair’ ‘LEEN’ ‘uh’. I’m known by various family nicknames, such as Lina, Dee, Dare… but I prefer my full name.