It’s My Ovaries Stupid!

 The book, Its My Ovaries Stupid!, by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is chock full of information for women!  It really opened my eyes to all the different things that can happen with regard to our ovaries.  I wish that I had come across this book years ago, but at least I stumbled across it at our used bookstore.  Even more, I wish that this book was mandatory reading for ALL gynecologists and endocrinologists.  There would be much fewer women out there suffering for so long with such serious problems!


Here's what Her Place says of the book:

Sometimes it seems as though the only women’s health issues that get any sort of attention are breast cancer, pregnancy, and menopause. But in her groundbreaking book, It’s My Ovaries, Stupid!, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet describes many of the rarely acknowledged, pervasive health threats to young women:

  • Premature Ovarian Decline (POD)
  • Premature Ovarian Failure (menopause in the young)
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Early puberty
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease and heart palpitations
  • Osteoporosis
  • Insomnia, fibromyalgia, and fatigue
  • Mood disorders
  • Weight gain

All the above problems are on the rise, robbing younger and younger women of life, fertility, and vitality.

Why is this happening? What can you do to protect yourself? How can you get tested? And what treatments are available?

Many common products and environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors that can profoundly disrupt hormone function, even in childhood. These products include:

  • Pesticides
  • Plastic food wrappers
  • Aspartame
  • Soy supplements
  • Food additives

Adding to the problems posed by endocrine disruptors are lifestyle factors, such as stress and dietary fat.

Your life, fertility, and long-term health may depend on on the information contained in It’s My Ovaries, Stupid!. Dr. Vliet draws on the latest international scientific research and her more than twenty years of clinical experience to show the negative effects of endocrine disruptors and poor lifestyle choices on the body. She answers crucial questions for young women who want to take control of their health: For instance, whose job is it to care for the ovaries — beyond their function in reproduction? And why do women have trouble getting help for “hormone problems” that appear to be linked to their monthly cycles?

It’s My Ovaries, Stupid! will help you understand your symptoms, get reliable tests, obtain treatment, and improve your health. The book also examines the controversies surrounding hormone replacement therapy and discusses some of the latest and best options for the treatment of thyroid problems.

Remember, it’s not stress, and it’s not all in your head. It’s your ovaries!


Table of Contents

  1. When Ovaries Go Awry: Women’s Lives, Women’s Stories
  2. Your Ovaries: an Owner’s Manual
  3. Your Ovaries and Their Life Cycle
  4. Ovaries at Risk: Surprising Toxins in Your Diet
  5. Ovaries at Risk: “Gender Benders” and Endocrine Disruptors Around You
  6. Ovaries at Risk: Toxic Effects of Cigarettes, Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs
  7. Ovary Shutdown: The Toxic Role Of Stress Overload and Sleep Deprivation
  8. Lifestyle Habits and Cultural Issues—Unexpected Stress for Our Ovaries
  9. Ovaries at Risk: Unusual Effects Of Viruses and Medical Illnesses
  10. Ovaries at Risk: Unrecognized Problems from Surgery, Medications, and Herbs
  11. Ovaries Out of Balance: Patterns in Women’s Lives
  12. Ovarian Hormones and The Brain: It’s Not Just Stress or Your Imagination!
  13. The Perils of Pcos, Obesity, Syndrome X, and Diabetes
  14. The Many Faces of Infertility: Overlooked Factors
  15. The Ovaries and Your Other Body Systems
  16. Balancing Ovarian Hormones for Optimal Health
  17. Test-and-Treat Strategies for Optimal Thyroid, Adrenal, and Glucose-Insulin Balance
  18. Starting Your “Clean-Up Campaign”: Get Rid of Ovarian Disruptors You Can Control
  19. Create Your Own Path To Optimal Energy and Health

Publisher: Evans and Company, New York

Number of pages: 503

© 2003


And a review of the book by Publisher's Weekly (via Amazon) says:

Despite the flippant title, this book offers a serious and comprehensive look at hormone dysfunction in women of all ages. Vliet, founder and medical director of HER Place Women's Center, believes that many women suffer needlessly because they are not being treated properly. According to the author, a variety of illnesses-depression, panic attacks, heart disease, diabetes, fertility problems-are related to hormonal dysfunction. Drawing on medical research as well as work in her own practice, Vliet (Screaming to Be Heard) provides a complete guide to ovaries, explaining how they work and what happens when they don't work properly, along with surgical and other treatment. Included are questionnaires so readers can self-diagnose and prepare themselves before visiting a doctor. Also particularly helpful are sidebar definitions and schematic diagrams showing the connection between hormone and illness, such as "How Stress Sabotages Your Health" and "Chemical Disruption of Thyroid Pathways." This is a detailed and sophisticated book, complete with a glossary of medical terms. Readers wanting spoon-fed simplified explanations of their "aches and pains" will find this book daunting, but women who want to become more knowledgeable and assertive patients will find it indispensable.

Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

PCOS Makes You Crazy?


Does PCOS make you crazy?  I've certainly had my rounds of uncomfortable mood swings.  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a master manipulator of a girl's hormones.  And not only is it confusing to the girl who has it or the family who has to deal with this emotional roller coaster, but doctors don't often help the situation.

You see, PCOS is a syndrome or a disorder, not a disease.  A syndrome is a set of symptoms that are lumped together and called a particular something, much like Fibromyalgia, which means "a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas." – Google definitions

PCOS – Do I Have It?

In order to be diagnosed with PCOS you must have two of the three main symptoms.  This video does a great job of explaining the basics of the disorder.

My Wife's Gone Crazy!

Husbands and boyfriends often are baffled by the disorder and think their wives/girlfriends have just lost their minds.  This can be an extremely difficult time for the relationship unless their equipped with some knowledge as to what's going on.  PCOS Girl does a great job of explaining how to help your girl as she navigates through these emotional and physical changes.  She isn't going crazy and she isn't growing a horns, despite how she might be treating you.

So Your Girlfriend or Wife Has PCOS…. Now What

by PCOS Girl

"I want to welcome all the guys who might land here in hopes of understanding a little bit about PCOS and their partner. Kudos to you for taking the time to search, research, and understand PCOS. I like you already!

"PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome, but polycycstic ovaries are only one of many symptoms of this endocrine disorder. PCOS affects over 5 million women in the US alone!"  [Read more…]

There Is Relief!

Don't allow PCOS to be a show stopper.  There is relief.  While everyone says there's no cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I refuse to agree with that statement.  I've seen a few people completely cured of their symptoms with diet.  If what they're saying is that you can't ever be "cured" to continue to eat whatever you want, then, okay, I agree with that.  Interestingly enough, the "low carb" approach is only a reliever of symptoms and doesn't allow the body to fully heal itself.  However, I've seen some interesting healing going on in the raw foods movement.  Perhaps because when you eat mostly raw and mostly vegan, your body has the opportunity to stop having to concentrate so heavily on digestion and work on healing itself more completely.  Just a thought… and one I want to work out in my life.